Full Metal Alchemist is © Square Enix and I'm going out on a limb and assuming Sony as well. The written content of this site is all me (though much love must go out to the wonderful, dedicated individuals who made fansubs and scanlations, and I must admit at times a bit of paraphrasing of the dialogue is done), and is not to be taken. The fanart also should not be taken without permission. Nothing angers me like fanart theft.

I called the site "Family Man" because Hughes is the best dad ever. The art used in the layout is by me. Japanese text is occasionally thrown into the information I write, sometimes just for the hell of it, but also there is no solid translation of Gracia and Elicia's names at this current point in time, so I want people to see where the spellings I use come from (despite official English spellings of Gracia and Elicia's names now existing, I felt like leaving their names in katakana up).

This site is a part of my collective,

Why did I make this site? (You don't want to hear the answer to the question if you're out to avoid spoilers. But if not, you can read on!) So many people were talking about this new anime called Fullmetal Alchemist, so one day when I had a lack of things to do I decided to download it. By the first episode I was hooked. I loved so many of the characters it was near impossible to pick a favourite, but little by little Hughes edged his way into the lead.

I started thinking "maybe I'll make a Hughes shrine!" but I figured I'd wait until the series was over (as it's supposedly going to be 50 some episodes long) because then I wouldn't have to keep adding to it (as I'm rather lazy) and I had no idea where the storyline would go (or if anything might, heaven forbid, change my opinion of Hughes). But then episode 25 came along, and it became apparent that Hughes wasn't going to make it to episode 50. So I wiped the tears from my eyes, and got to work on a site dedicated to the wonder that was is Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes.